Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Almost Time To "Come Flea With Us"!!

Mark your calendars! It's official....May 13th and 14th are the opening dates for the monthly "Come Flea With Us" Flea Market!

The Porch on Main in Springville will be our venue again this year, something we are very excited about!

We fleaers have been gathering and creating some fantastic one-of-a-kind items for this new season--painted furniture, retro furniture, vintage garden items, linens, collectibles, dishes, re-invented planted items...the list goes on and on. We promise you will not be disappointed in the items or their below retail prices!

 Stay tuned. If you are lucky, we may even offer you more sneak previews of some more items that will be for sale...

Friday, April 15, 2011

...from trash to treasure...

I have been very busy getting items ready to sell for the upcoming flea markets that start this Spring.

One of the things that I enjoy most is coming across something that others see as being worthless and destined for the donation and/or garbage pile. Visualizing in my head and knowing exactly what its potential is I take it, re-purpose or refurbish it and MOST of the time that trash item becomes a treasure....either for me or for someone that purchases it.

Here are a few more items that I have transformed but have long since been placed in new homes of friends or flea market buyers.  I will have TONS of  items for sale again this season and resolve to do a better job at taking the "rescued and pre-transformation" pictures.... 

Make it a GREAT day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple things for a simple man...

As I have been preparing items for the 2011 season opening of our Flea Market that is rapidly approaching,  I look forward with much anticipation to offering great re-purposed/re-furbished goods for your home & garden!

Often during the creative process, I am reminded that I enjoy simple, old things that have had a previous life prior to coming into my possession to be transformed or merely appreciated.  Maybe it is because I am a simple man in a lot of ways or that I was probably born with an old pioneer type soul.

One of the simple things that makes me stop and think on a regular basis is a vintage farm plow. I acquired it a couple of summers ago and although it has long since been retired from its original purpose, it is now part of the landscape in my backyard:

Although it is simple in form and function, the thought came to me that someone–maybe a father like me, used to depend on it to plow his fields in preparation for the planting of a garden for his little family. It probably was a lot of work yet a necessary implement needed to yield a beneficial harvest. I am certain that he was grateful that someone had invented and manufactured this plow to assist him in his efforts to be a good Provider...

PONDER What invention are you glad you have in your life?